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The Fairy Godmother Project are creative and talented wedding photographers ...our aim is to give you confidence and creativity on your big day. The Fairy Godmother Project is casting a protective wand over your perfect day. We are here to create timeless memories with an elegant, fun and trustworthy approach. Based in West London, serving London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and beyond...

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Have a look at the newest Fairy Godmother’s digital guide in the magic of wedding photography

The Fairy Godmother Project Client Guide

The Fairy Godmother Project Ltd., is a fine art wedding photography venue specializing in wedding and portrait photography, and is based out of West London servicing London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and beyond. Mrs Zane Karklina, Owner of The Fairy Godmother Project Ltd. has a Master’s degree in Fine Art Photography from the University of West London, and has been a photographer for over 14 years. More information about The Fairy Godmother Project Ltd. can be found at:

Monday, 26 May 2014

The 10 most important photographs to take on your wedding day

Bride and groom alone before the ceremony 
I think that this is, by far, my favourite photo of the wedding day.
It's the moment, just before the big moment that will change your life forever - anticipation of the commitment to the person you want to share your life with. It is nothing to do with doubts or second thoughts, but somehow it is so stressful and the feelings are so intense that it is written all over the face.
Want to hear what science has to say? You can blame the hormones; they are responsible for all the stress you were facing. The ACTH and cortisol hormones can be as high as 60-80% above the norm, it’s no wonder most brides feel a little apprehensive. Now you have something to blame! Want to read more? - see the article Wedding Day Emotions By David Smiedt.

I believe that the only chance to experience this moment again (or at least 1% of the intensity of emotions of the big day) is to have a photograph of that moment. To get the best picture you will need a moment alone, reflecting on your feelings. Step outside, or ask everyone (except the photographer, of course) to leave the room and reflect on your emotions.

Father seeing the bride in her gown
This is the father's first view.
What are your thoughts on the first view? If you don't want to break the custom of the bridegroom not seeing you and your dress before the ceremony, this is another option, to have a special moment with your father and get some beautiful photographs.

Bride/ groom with parents and siblings
As you will have guessed, the whole getting ready part is my favourite part of the day, due to the opportunity to witness the family relationships, strong bonds and emotions, endless love, and the intimacy of the moment.

Bride and groom leaving the ceremony site  
It is the moment the ceremony is over, the stress has disappeared and only joy and happiness remains! The party and “happily ever after” can start! Remember those hormones - they are back to normal…
Formal photos of bride and groom with immediate family members from both sides
This is the first time that your families are united. From now on, or perhaps for some time already, you will need to strike a balance between your most favourite people and your in-laws for the most important dates, such as Christmas. But at least you can frame them all together in one photo for years to come…
Get photos with your best friends, especially those from school or university, as things change and you might lose touch over the years to come. You will still have a photo with them on your big day.
Ok, let’s add all the relatives here as well! You will probably decide to make a family tree in the future and you will have a chance to use the pictures of them when they looked their best ;)
Detail shots of the rings
 I have included the rings as a “must have” as I have just lost mine. Don't ask how…

Detail shots of wedding decorations, flowers, table settings and cake
This is something you are spending so much of your soul, effort and money on, to make it stand out and make it yours, but at the same time, it is the most fleeting moment. The flowers will wither, the food and cake will be cut and enjoyed by your guests and table will be cleared away. No leftovers for next day…

Detailed shots of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets
They last for a fraction of time, especially cut flowers left without water...
The photographs will be the only living proof in the days to come.

Your dress
You will never be this skinny again in your life. And, most likely, you will never take it to the cleaners (ok, I did take mine, but all the hand printed flowers floated away. Oops!).

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Real Wedding Planning...

Real Wedding Planning… a brief but vital guide to getting started

There are 3 essentials you need to decide in order to begin planning and organising your perfect wedding day:

The budget

The wedding date

The guest list

Once these are sorted, the wedding planning can commence. These 3 essential details all play off each other to start your plans: Without the budget you can’t chose your venue, dress, accessories and so forth; Without the date you can’t plan the venue; Without the guest list you don’t know how big your venue needs to be, how many people you have to cater for or how far you have to stretch your budget!  So get these three organised and your on your way to becoming Mr & Mrs!

The wedding budget can be managed in a number of ways, with savings, cash gifts from generous parents and relatives and salary/ wages in the lead up to your wedding day.  Don’t forget you rarely have to pay for everything all at once or as soon as you decide to get married, you do have time to drip feed the expense of your wedding, but it’s essential to plan…

Here’s a helpful budget-planning checklist to get your exciting wedding plans underway:

Registrar/ church fees
Wedding rings
Bride’s dress
Bride’s accessories
i)     veil
ii)    jewellery
iii)   shoes
iv)   lingerie
Hair & Make-up
Groom’s outfit
Groom’s shoes
Best man/ ushers outfits
Bridesmaid dresses
Wedding photographer
Wedding cars
Reception venue hire
Table decorations
Table favours
Chair covers
Drinks/ bar
Band and DJ
Thank you gifts

Handy tips:

1) When I was planning my wedding I found that I became dependant on lists, they were indispensable.  It was really helpful having lists from favourite venues and prices, the best wedding dress shops in the area, weekly checklists of things to be sourced and paid for and in season flowers.  As you work on each section of your wedding plan, having the lists to refer back to is invaluable and saves time revisiting (and trying remember) previous ideas.

2) Unless you have a clear idea of theme, or favourite flowers or era it seems it’s a case of going through all available magazines, blogs, wedding fairs and websites for ideas.  This can be not only confusing but also overwhelming! 

I created a digital mood board by copying my favourite photographs, themes and colours from all of the websites I was traipsing through. It didn’t take long for a colour theme and style to emerge through the images of weddings, dresses, table decorations and flowers.

3) There are many resources available for advice and up to date themes.

Just for starters have a look at:

Top wedding bloggers:

Top wedding magazine websites:

Top stores to grab a wedding bargain:

Monday, 10 March 2014

The true value of wedding photography...

--> As an established photographer making the decision to concentrate on Wedding Photography full time is a brave move, opening oneself up to the minefield of the wedding business.  There are hundreds of established wedding photographers all vying for the attention of the happy bride and groom who’ve seen the perfect wedding photographs in glossy magazines and highlighted in top portrait photographers portfolios…  

But what is real?  According to stats given by Which Magazine 2011, the average wedding cost is around £20,000, so unsurprisingly the happy couple are constantly trying to make savings where-ever possible.  

The bride imagines those dreamy, stylish images of her perfect day, taken by a confident and professional photographer and as a confident and professional photographer I can deliver this dream.  However, it comes at a price, the price of my hourly fee for all of the additional work undertaken after the 5 to 9-hour wedding shoot. 

Photography falls under the “service” category, and yes you may get digital files, prints or an album at the end of the process, but it’s still a service.  The outlay for a wedding photographer, on average between £2,000 and £4,000, may seem a bit hard to swallow, but it still amazes me when clients balk at that expense and yet barley flinch when a venue charges more than double that price.  Why does the venue seem so much better value?  Is it because it’s more tangible? You can see the building, touch the walls and feel the luxurious parquet flooring underfoot…  Why does my photography service and expertise seem less value?

Just to run through some costs that not every bride and groom appreciates, to explain what you get when you hire my services as a wedding photographer:  

My photography experience, education and training.

My professional standard equipment costs; camera, lighting, editing software, printer etc.

My professional insurance and other business costs.

The average 5-hour wedding takes 20 hours to edit.

The average 9-hour wedding takes 35 hours to edit.

To produce a wedding album takes a further 5 to 20 hours.

Not to mention venue visits and first edit show cases.

So to be honest I think to have lifetime keep sakes from the happiest and most important day of your life, the £2k - £4k price tag is more than worth it… The wedding dress you only wear once, the wedding venue you only use once, the flowers you use only once, the pictures are there to remind you for a lifetime. Would you want someone untrained to capture your day with a camera from Argos, even if your favourite Uncle says he can.....! What do you think?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

All Hail Irregular Choice...

So I get married... I spend a fortune on a beautiful bespoke silk dress... I have my hair done by a professional and sport diamonds worth thousands... and what are the comments I receive all day and evening....?

"WOW, I absolutely love your shoes..."

My beautiful Irregular Choice Itsy Bitsy Betsy shoes, were the eBay bargain of the century... at only £30!

Having chosen a 1950's inspired wedding dress and not wanting to look like a conveyor belt bride, I wanted some really stand out shoes to fit the idea...  Irregular Choice were the only option and the Itsy Bitsy Betsy style could not have worked better...

I chose the flowers for my bouquet, designed by Kopend Creations, to compliment the red and pink flowers in the irregular choice shoes...  I couldn't have been more happy with the end result...

I really struggle with high heeled shoes due to a knee injury and was very wary that I wanted something comfortable and glamorous for my wedding day...  These irregular choice shoes really fitted the bill, with their platform heel, soft material and adjustable heel strap, I wore them for 9 hours and I was stood up chatting, dancing and skipping for pretty much the whole time!

Thank you Irregular Choice for being so Irregular!!!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

TFGP Finally Launched...


We’ve finally launched The Fairy Godmother Project Wedding Photography with a wedding at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, followed by a reception at The Hare & Hounds Hotel, just down the road from Westonbirt Arboretum…

What a beautiful and spectacular day it was too…

The bride arrived in a 1960’s Dodge Charger hired from Star Car Hire, and proceeded to get blown into the ceremony by the biting wind...  

With a stunning bouquet created by Kopend Creations, and a dress made by Alice from Veils of Berkeley the smile from the brides face could been see for miles!

The rain kindly held off for the ceremony and until the newly married bride and groom and the guests were safely ensconced in The Hare & Hounds, with a glass of champagne and a canape in hand!

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