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Friday, 1 August 2014

Is Wedding day equal to running a marathon!?

Is Wedding day equal to running a marathon!?

On Rebecca & Aarons wedding day I got one more answer why I love photographing weddings so much as it is physically and mentally the most demanding kind of photography. And when I tell people that I am a wedding photographer, the most common reaction is it is such a difficult task and such a responsibility!

I had a little chat with one of Rebecca’s bridesmaids - Karis - about the wedding day as being the best day ever (as I still believe that my own wedding day 11 years ago was the best day of my life), but Karis said that her best day was when she had run a marathon and she hardly believed that anything could top that… but I insisted – wait and see…

But next morning, when I woke up, when each and every muscle was aching, I realised what she was talking about. It is that satisfaction that comes of successfully testing the boundaries of own abilities and the achievement that comes of a job well-done that makes those kind of experiences so rewarding! It was almost a 12 hour working day, and to get a reaction from all the wedding party and the guests takes a lot of energy from me, while at the same time having to focus on camera settings and keeping a steady hand when holding the camera. And I cannot wait for my next wedding day…
However, I truly believe that Karis will change her mind! :)

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