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Thursday, 11 April 2013

All Hail Irregular Choice...

So I get married... I spend a fortune on a beautiful bespoke silk dress... I have my hair done by a professional and sport diamonds worth thousands... and what are the comments I receive all day and evening....?

"WOW, I absolutely love your shoes..."

My beautiful Irregular Choice Itsy Bitsy Betsy shoes, were the eBay bargain of the century... at only £30!

Having chosen a 1950's inspired wedding dress and not wanting to look like a conveyor belt bride, I wanted some really stand out shoes to fit the idea...  Irregular Choice were the only option and the Itsy Bitsy Betsy style could not have worked better...

I chose the flowers for my bouquet, designed by Kopend Creations, to compliment the red and pink flowers in the irregular choice shoes...  I couldn't have been more happy with the end result...

I really struggle with high heeled shoes due to a knee injury and was very wary that I wanted something comfortable and glamorous for my wedding day...  These irregular choice shoes really fitted the bill, with their platform heel, soft material and adjustable heel strap, I wore them for 9 hours and I was stood up chatting, dancing and skipping for pretty much the whole time!

Thank you Irregular Choice for being so Irregular!!!


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  1. Beautiful shoes and you looked amazing, wishing you a very long and happy marriage x


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