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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Real Wedding Planning...

Real Wedding Planning… a brief but vital guide to getting started

There are 3 essentials you need to decide in order to begin planning and organising your perfect wedding day:

The budget

The wedding date

The guest list

Once these are sorted, the wedding planning can commence. These 3 essential details all play off each other to start your plans: Without the budget you can’t chose your venue, dress, accessories and so forth; Without the date you can’t plan the venue; Without the guest list you don’t know how big your venue needs to be, how many people you have to cater for or how far you have to stretch your budget!  So get these three organised and your on your way to becoming Mr & Mrs!

The wedding budget can be managed in a number of ways, with savings, cash gifts from generous parents and relatives and salary/ wages in the lead up to your wedding day.  Don’t forget you rarely have to pay for everything all at once or as soon as you decide to get married, you do have time to drip feed the expense of your wedding, but it’s essential to plan…

Here’s a helpful budget-planning checklist to get your exciting wedding plans underway:

Registrar/ church fees
Wedding rings
Bride’s dress
Bride’s accessories
i)     veil
ii)    jewellery
iii)   shoes
iv)   lingerie
Hair & Make-up
Groom’s outfit
Groom’s shoes
Best man/ ushers outfits
Bridesmaid dresses
Wedding photographer
Wedding cars
Reception venue hire
Table decorations
Table favours
Chair covers
Drinks/ bar
Band and DJ
Thank you gifts

Handy tips:

1) When I was planning my wedding I found that I became dependant on lists, they were indispensable.  It was really helpful having lists from favourite venues and prices, the best wedding dress shops in the area, weekly checklists of things to be sourced and paid for and in season flowers.  As you work on each section of your wedding plan, having the lists to refer back to is invaluable and saves time revisiting (and trying remember) previous ideas.

2) Unless you have a clear idea of theme, or favourite flowers or era it seems it’s a case of going through all available magazines, blogs, wedding fairs and websites for ideas.  This can be not only confusing but also overwhelming! 

I created a digital mood board by copying my favourite photographs, themes and colours from all of the websites I was traipsing through. It didn’t take long for a colour theme and style to emerge through the images of weddings, dresses, table decorations and flowers.

3) There are many resources available for advice and up to date themes.

Just for starters have a look at:

Top wedding bloggers:

Top wedding magazine websites:

Top stores to grab a wedding bargain:

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